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Most antique and collector automobile enterprises are strictly about making a buck and for the most part not primarily about offering much in the way of an actual service to the hobby. My goal is to do my best to offer a solid and quality experience to both ends of the ownership experience, when it comes to "old cars." To best convince people that I am serious and sincere, it is probably best that I lay my credentials on the table up front. So, first a little about myself:

For going on 45 years, my life has been all to do with antique and collector automobiles and related objects. At age 15 I bought my very first antique automobile. It was a 1930 Model A Ford standard coupe. During my second year in college, one day in class it became clear that I was not cut out for the path that I was on. I got up from my seat and walked out of the classroom never to return. My passion is antique and collector automobiles and not academia. With my decision to drop out of school, selling my own cars was something I had to do in order to raise the working capital that would allow me to go into business. It was the 1970's and times were much different then. I typically worked 80 -100 hours a week, following my dream. I did well. I consider myself a pioneer in transforming antique and collector automobiles into more than just a hobby, but as a profitable business. Old cars changed from being the property of strictly eccentrics but to being sound investments. I took an active role in much of this development. In making people see these cars in this new light, it also helped save a huge number of cars from going to scrap yards and to certain ruin. By the late 1970's I had built my business well enough to buy my own building in a wealthy suburb of Philadelphia and to also begin to rebuild my own personal collection. Onward and upward was to be my direction. It went from the love of cars to the love of "great cars", and exactly what made them great. In the 1980's, I discovered vintage Ferrari's. Largely on the backs of my vintage Ferrari endeavors and some pre-war supercharged Mercedes sales, I earned my way to success. Yes, they say a man that enjoys what he does will never have to work a day of his life. Looking back upon this, I wouldn't change much of anything. It has been my version of going after the "American Dream" and finding it!

My personal interests and focus with car collecting is with untouched original examples and not so much with totally restored show cars. I can appreciate restored automobiles and I do understand the workmanship behind making them that way. My own collection is very eclectic. I have a very well rounded knowledge of automobiles from early brass age on up.

Smith Automotive Investments website is a revival of the trade name that I originally started back in the 1970's. There is not a showroom that is open to the public. Most of the cars offered are housed in the mid-Atlantic east coast area. The vehicles listed are only available for inspection to serious buyers and they are usually shown by advance appointment. The vehicles listed are not necessarily housed all at the same location. I encourage people to come and see the car or cars of interest to them first hand, or to send a qualified representative to check them out.

I can also sell vehicles on consignment. I tend to stick with cars that are quite special and unique, and I am always interested in hearing about cars that are for sale. Fresh to the market cars, if they are important examples do bring premiums and are always the easiest to find good homes for. I do offer estate liquidation services and advice for interested parties that need to sell entire collections of antique, collector cars, motorcycles, motoring related objects of art and related vintage trade signs. I have great interest with these sorts of antiquities. Please inquire if there is something that you know of that fits these areas, as I am happy to pay finder's fees or commissions.

If you are looking for a particular car, feel free to let me know what it is and maybe I can find it for you. I have bought and sold more than 1000 cars over the course of my years in the old car hobby and trade. I tend to keep track of where the best of these cars went and where they are now. Quite often I am successful in finding cars where others fail. I hope you enjoy visiting the Smith Automotive Investments website. I hope that I can be of service to you in the future. I wish you safe and happy motoring and I wish you well!


Mark J. Smith

Smith Automotive Investments

P.O. Box 30
Lynchburg, Virgina, 24505

Mark J Smith

Phone: 215-906-7001

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