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Trade In Policy

Often we can entertain/consider trades, providing that they are what we consider to be marketable and valued realistically. The more marketable, the more desirable, the more likely it will be that we can actually trade the vehicle in.

Please understand, if the particular car you are interested in is a consignment, we are often constrained to the car owner's level of interest. Sometimes, if the value is such that we feel we may be able to sell it quickly we may be able to purchase the trade out of the deal ourselves.


We more often than not can work with clients that need/require short term time in order to put their funds together and purchase one of the vehicles we represent. By this we mean, ideally 2-4 weeks. Sometimes, this can be extended to as much as 60-120 days, providing a substantial deposit is possible to secure the transaction. We want to be as helpful and agreeable as possible where ever and whenever we can.

Please understand, if the particular car is a consignment, we may well have constraints put on us by the specific car owner. Generally, no interest is charged. However, non-refundable deposits are routinely the standard of the trade for these sort of arrangement. Inquire. We do not have longer term in house financing or leasing available. However, we will do our best to help prospective buyers with this sort of help if and when we are asked.

We do have good contacts in the industry and collector car financing/ leasing is a standard practice for specialists that cater to this type of business.


We go out of our way to help buyers with their storage needs. If you purchase a vehicle from us or through us, we generally can allow people up to 60 days free indoor storage. In these cases we require the vehicle owner to insure their own vehicles. Inquire.


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