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Vehicle Specifications for 48DODGEWAGON2016
1948 Dodge Station Wagon
Price: $19,000
VIN: 81292332
Color: Dark Blue

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About This 1948 Dodge Station Wagon

This is a rare opportunity to purchase a diamond in the rough at a very modest entry cost.

1948 long wheel base Station Wagon of the truck/commercial chassis. This was built for 11 passengers. It has a front seat and three rows of seats behind the front seat. This is an untouched original vehicle freshly out of long term indoor storage. No doubt, it will require substantial restoration but what a fabulous machine. Odometer reads just over 94,000 miles. Based on the oil change stickers alone I believe this to be actual mileage. It is VIN 81292332 / Model # B-2D126. It is just over 18 feet long. The motor runs and sounds good. The paint remains original (dark blue). The interior is tattered, but some of the oxford red vinyl remains. The wood is very solid but needs complete refinished and one pretty simple piece requires fabrication. The front fenders have rust, but otherwise the vehicle is quite sound. One window glass is cracked. Both running boards have damage but are restorable. The dash is all original and excellent. It has a factory radio and speaker, as well as the factory heater. The original Dodge Ram mascot appears to light up. This is a rare opportunity to purchase a diamond in the rough at a very modest entry cost.



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